Clients of Thun Financial Advisors are guided through a systematic financial planning process that is designed to structure financial decisions and manage investments in order to meet their long-term financial goals:

American Expat Financial Planning and Investment Process, Integrated Financial Planning, retirement, tax, insurance  strategy

Step 1: Clients first learn how the process works and what information will be required to create a fully integrated, customized financial plan.

Step 2: We then review the client’s financial situation, begin to define goals and objectives, establish investment time horizons and assess risk tolerance. We chart the steps necessary to fulfill the plan. This typically involves analyzing retirement and family needs; quantifying assets, liabilities and cash flows; and defining investment, tax and insurance strategies.

Step 3: Next, clients receive a written plan that describes their entire financial picture. The plan includes recommendations for strategic use of 401ks, IRAs, Roths, college savings plans, and insurance. Estate planning strategies are also addressed.

Step 4: Once the plan is approved by the client, we lead its implementation. We encourage client involvement, which will vary based on individual preferences and needs.

Ongoing: We continually monitor client investments and make changes as required. Financial plans are periodically reviewed. We measure performance and track returns against client goals and market benchmarks.