Thun Financial Advisors frequently hosts public webinars on issues related to American expatriate investments. We make the information provided in these online presentations available free to the public.


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IRAs, Roth IRAs and Conversion Decisions for Americans Living Abroad
03.26.2019 by Sylvain Michelin, CFA

Sylvain Michelin, CFA of Thun Financial Advisors will discuss IRAs, Roth IRAs and address when the Roth conversion might make sense for American investors (especially in light of recent changes to the US tax code) and the tax and financial planning considerations of such a conversion. Topics will include but not limited to:

  • Differences Between the Roth and the Traditional IRAs

  • Eligibility and contribution decisions for US expats

  • The Mechanics and Tax Reporting of Roth Conversion

  • Special Considerations for Americans Abroad.

Key Estate Planning Concepts and Issues for U.S. Expats & Cross-Border Families
02.28.2019 by Stanton Farmer

Stanton Farmer of Thun Financial Advisors presents on the complex issues regarding estate planning when Americans and mixed nationality families own assets across borders. This webinar will help Americans abroad understand these complexities from a financial planning perspective by covering:

• International Probate Issues
• U.S. and Foreign Gift, Estate and Inheritance Tax Issues
• Tax Treaties and Foreign Tax Credits
• Gifts/Inheritances from Foreigners
• Mixed Nationality Family Estate Planning
• Estate Planning Strategies, Tools and Their Portability
• Cross-Border Portfolio Optimization

Thun Financial’s Q&A devoted to your questions about U.S. expat investing and financial planning
11.27.2018 by the Thun Financial Team

We consistently receive feedback that the Q&A session is among the most useful aspects of our webinars. Therefore, we will host a webinar that is completely devoted to your questions about U.S. expat investing and financial planning. All Thun advisors will be available on the webinar and will field questions in their respective areas of expertise.

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Currency Risk and Investing for US Expats, Thun Financial Advisors
07.31.2018 by David Kuenzi

David Kuenzi of Thun Financial Advisors discusses how to integrate currency risk management into a rational investment and financial planning strategy for Americans abroad and families who live across borders and must plan their finances in more than one currency or tax system.

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US Expat Investing: Case Studies in Financial Planning for Mixed Nationality Couples
05.24.2018 by Stanton Farmer

Stanton Farmer of Thun Financial addresses the special planning and investing issues that affect couples where one spouse is a US person and one is not. Issues covered include gifting, estate planning, ownership of assets, implications for children, income planning, tax planning and choice of domicile. The discussion will be relevant for couples inside as well as outside the U.S.

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Why Estate Planning Still Matters for U.S. Expats and Cross-Border Families
02.28.2018 by Stanton Farmer

Stanton Farmer of Thun Financial Advisors presents on the complex issues regarding estate planning when Americans and mixed nationality families own assets across borders.

FATCA Webinar for American Investors Abroad October, 2012 by David Kuenzi

This presentation outlines the effects of the Foreign Account Tax Complianec Act (FATCA) on American expats. Specifically, an outline of key FATCA provisions and investment implications is discussed. It also provides an extensive discussion of how an Americans living abroad should adjust their investment strategy in light of FATCA and how to deal with foreign financial institutions closing bank accounts of U.S. citizens around the world.

Tax Reform for American Expat Investor Webinar December 2017 by David Kuenzi

The latest webinar by Thun Financial Advisors covering implications for Americans abroad of 2017 tax reform.

Expat Brokerage Account Closures in U.S. November 2016 by David Kuenzi

This webinar was presented to research on why American brokers such as Merrill Lynch, USAA, Fidelity, and others are closing the accounts of American expats who are no longer resident within the United States.

U.S. Expat Investment Implications of ObamaCare in 2014 March 2014 by David Kuenzi

American expats in higher marginal tax brackets will experience higher investment income tax rates beginning in tax year 2013. Topics in this webinar include the applicability of the 3.8% ObamaCare Net Investment Income Surtax and the 0.9% ObamaCare Medicare Tax to Americans living abroad. Specific expat tax strategies related to the foreign tax credit, foreign earned income exclusion, and tax deferral are also discussed.

Currency Management and Investment Planning for Americans Abroad February 2017 by David Kuenzi

This webinar discusses where currency management fits into integrated investment management and financial planning for American expats. Thun Financial Advisors discusses its strategy for clients to mitigating the risk that changing currency values will impact long-term investment and spending goals.

Avoiding the US UK PFIC Reporting Fund Trap June 2014 by David Kuenzi

An overview concerning implications of the US/UK PFIC Reporting Fund Trap for American Expatriate Investors living in the United Kingdom. Differences between reporting funds, non-reporting funds, and PFICs are discussed. The future impact of FATCA is also explored.

College Saving Plans for Americans Abroad September 2017 by Frederic Behrens

Saving for College as an American Living Abroad: What Expat Parents Need to Know. This webinar provides an overview of 529 college savings plans an other considerations that expats must consider when saving for a future college education.

Additional American Expat Investing Information

For more detailed discussions of topics covered in Webinars, there is information located in our Guide to Investing and Financial Planning for Americans Living Abroad,  Guide to Investing and Financial Planning for Americans Retiring Abroad, and the Thun Research page.

More topics relevant to American expats will be discussed in upcoming webinars and presentations. Please contact us to sign up for a newsletter that will provide alerts to upcoming events.