FATCA Webinar: Information for American Expats

Please enjoy the following webinar presented by David Kuenzi on the implications FATCA for American Expatriate Investors. This is a recording of a live presentation made to American Expat Investors originally on October 4, 2012. It includes new material updating 2012 developments regarding the impact of the U.S. FATCA law (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). The wp-content in the webinar is even more relevant following the important July 1, 2014 compliance deadline.


The FATCA webinar discusses implications for Americans abroad and recommends actions to avoid being caught unaware as the new FATCA rules raise the difficulty of compliance and risks of non-compliance for investors abroad. Common questions are answer. For example, do I have to report a us bank account holding foreign assets? It also provides an extensive discussion of how Americans Abroad should adjust their investment strategy in light of FATCA.  For more information on FATCA, review the Thun Research article on FATCA for Americans Living Abroad and Investing.


Feel free to contact Thun Financial with any questions related to FATCA or other financial issues facing Americans living abroad.



Information Discussed Regarding FATCA Compliance:

  • New Reporting Requirements for “Foreign Financial Institutions”
  • New Self-Reporting Requirements for US Persons – IRS Form 8938
  • Stiff New Penalties for FATCA Non-Compliance
  • Sledgehammer enforcement mechanism
  • Practical Implications for Americans Living Abroad
  • Most Common Pitfalls (Casual non-compliance and PFICs)
  • Actions to Take Now as an American Expat
Please see the Americans Living Abroad page for more information about the investment management and financial planning services that Thun provides for American expatriates.