Implications of ObamaCare Tax for American Expats Webinar

Please enjoy the following webinar presented by David Kuenzi on the implications of the ObamaCare tax and other 2013 tax changes for American Expatriates. This is a replay of a November, 2013 Webinar conducted by Thun Financial for a group of Americans from around the world. The Webinar covers 2013 investment tax changes and the impact of the New ObamaCare tax and insurance provisions. Investment strategy implications are analyzed from a perspective of an investor living outside of the United States.

In sum, the 3.8% ObamaCare surtax applies to all investment income no matter where derived or where a U.S. taxpayer is resident. Additionally, the 0.9% Medicare tax should be covered by existing totalization agreements; but only 24 countries have totalization agreements. The $200k/$250k MAGI income threshold for the 3.8% ObamaCare investment income surtax is calculated after adding back in Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE). For more detailed information on the topic, see the Thun Research article on 2013 U.S. Tax Changes and Investment Strategy for Americans Abroad.

Feel free to contact Thun Financial with any questions related to ObamaCare or other financial issues facing Americans living abroad.


ObamaCare Tax Topics for American Expat Investors

  • New Top Tax Bracket for Earned Income
  • 2013 Net Investment Income Tax
  • ObamaCare Tax
  • Changes in the Estate Tax
  • Deduction Limitations and Payroll Tax Cut Ended
  • American Expat Special Considerations
  • American Expat Tax Strategies and Estate Planning
  • Portfolio Management and FATCA
Please see the Americans Living Abroad page for more information about the investment management and financial planning services that Thun provides for American expatriates.