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David Kuenzi is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal’s column on American expat financial topics. The Expat column covers issues related to U.S. expats’ personal finance issues, from tax and currency conundrums to college- and retirement-savings dilemmas, and more.



Recent Wall Street Journal Expat Articles by David Kuenzi

Ask an Expert: 5 Tips for Expats Investing in IRAs & Roth IRAs – Common issues regarding traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs for American expats. It is essential to avoid common pitfalls when living in another country to ensure that IRAs are properly used to fund a retirement.

Hey American Abroad, Do You Really Want to Make that Pension Contribution? – Six key questions every U.S. expat should ask before contributing to a foreign pension plan

Ask An Expert: How to Handle the Foreign Pension Limbo – Foreign pensions are common among American expats working abroad. Proper tax treatment and reporting of a foreign pension plan is essential to avoid trouble with the IRS.

Ask an Expert: 4 Foreign Currency Investing & Savings Tips for Expats – For globetrotting expats, matching the currency denomination of assets and liabilities requires conscious planning. This article provids tips that expats might find useful as they ponder the forex implications of savings and investing strategies.

Expat in the U.S.? Tips for Avoiding Tax and Investment Stumbles – U.S. expats abroad tend to complain about their financial reporting burdens. Less well-known is that foreigners in America face many of the same tax and compliance challenges. This article reviews common tax and investment mistakes made by expats in the U.S., and offers some tips.

Why U.S. Expats Should Never Own Foreign Mutual Funds: Ask an Expert – U.S. expats commit their fair share of investing mistakes. One of the most disastrous is owning non-U.S. mutual funds. For U.S. tax purposes, non-U.S. mutual funds qualify as Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs). PFICs almost always result in a costly mess for U.S. taxpayers.

Tax Traps & Retirement Planning Opportunities for American Entrepreneurs Abroad – It has never been easier for Americans to start businesses while living outside the U.S.  If you are an American entrepreneur operating abroad, however, be aware of U.S. tax reporting obligations on non-U.S. businesses operated by Americans and make sure you are leveraging the value of U.S qualified retirement accounts set up for your business.

American Expats’ Tax Nightmare – FATCA rules were intended to correct a tax loophole. Applied to Americans living abroad, they are absurd.

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