Guide to Investing and Financial Planning for Americans Living Abroad


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US Expat Investment Management and Financial Planning
05.09.2019 by David Kuenzi, CFP, Founder

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Problem: How to make years abroad as financially rewarding as possible?

Many Americans living abroad find that years spent there turn out to be the most financially rewarding of their lives.  However, while careers advance and bank accounts grow, expats are often too busy to develop a winning long-term investment plan.  The predicament is compounded by the complex tax, logistical, and strategic planning considerations faced by Americans living outside the United States.  The good news is that these issues can be successfully managed and need not impede the implementation of a sound long-term wealth accumulation plan.  While recognizing that each individual situation is unique and requires its own set of solutions, this report identifies key issues that confront almost all expatriate Americans when it comes to investing and managing their finances.

Topics addressed include:

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For the complete version of the guide, please download the .pdf of our Guide to Investing and Financial Planning for Americans Lining Abroad (2018) Guide to Investing and Financial Planning for Americans Lining Abroad (2018)