Wells Fargo Closes Accounts for Americans Abroad –Creative Planning Can Provide an Alternative

Wells Fargo has recently announced that it is closing accounts for non-U.S. residents, including the accounts of their many American expat clients.

Creative Planning and its international Wealth Management Group – Thun Financial - have assisted Wells Fargo international clients transition their accounts to our management. Our custodians (Schwab, Fidelity and Pershing) continue to welcome non-U.S. resident clients and Americans abroad. It is important to note that working directly with Schwab and Fidelity may not be possible or can involve heavy restrictions on the types of assets that can be traded. When working through us, however, some of these restrictions may be removed. We can use local addresses to open accounts depending on the country of residence, so using a U.S. address may not be necessary.

We welcome an opportunity to speak with you about finding a new home for all of your cross-boarder investing and planning needs. You may call us at +1.608.237.1318, or contact us on the web.