Thun Financial Advisors
provides integrated financial planning and investment management for American investors living abroad and at home. We analyze our clients’ entire financial picture and goals and direct their investments accordingly. Our fee ranges from 0.3% to 1.25% of assets under management depending on the size of the portfolio and the complexity of planning needs.

Thun is a “fee-only” investment advisor and therefore receives compensation only from our clients. We receive no commissions on any product we recommend. Our fee-only structure provides transparency and supports our sole objective – to help each client achieve their individual goals. We focus on the following financial services:


We use sophisticated planning software and detailed financial information to make projections that answer questions such as: How much will I need at retirement to maintain my lifestyle? How much must I save between now and then to reach that goal? What risk will there be that my assets may not be enough to maintain that lifestyle throughout my retirement?


Once a client has established investment goals, Thun develops a plan for optimal use of retirement accounts and recommends an appropriate asset allocation. Questions that will be answered include: Is a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA more appropriate? When should I rollover an old 401k into an IRA? If I am self-employed, should I establish a SIMPLE, a SEP or an individual 401k plan? Which of these options are available to U.S. expats? Can an expat have a 401k or IRA? If I intend to retire outside the United States, in what currency should my investments be held?


Since every investment and financial decision must be weighed in light of its tax implications, we continually work with our clients, coordinating with accountants and lawyers as necessary, to help answer questions such as: What changes do I need to make year to year in response to changes in the tax code? How does country-of-residence taxation affect U.S. tax obligations, planning decisions and investment strategy? How do I ensure that my children pay the least amount of tax possible when they inherit my tax-deferred retirement accounts?


Thun Financial’s investment strategy emphasizes diversification, strategic rebalancing, cost efficiency, and prudent tax management. Please see the Investment Management page for more information.


Proper estate planning can vastly increase the after-tax wealth left to heirs. Coordinating with estate attorneys, we help guide clients through the maze of available estate planning techniques. Our goal is to minimize the various taxes triggered at death and assure that assets end up in the hands of those intended by the client. Our expertise encompasses the complexities of estate planning for U.S. citizens living abroad and working with non-resident alien investors to minimize their U.S. estate tax obligations.


Thun Financial helps clients navigate the many complex issues involved in cross-border philanthropy. Through a comprehensive analysis of their financial situation and the relevant income tax and estate/inheritance tax laws, Thun guides cross-border families in effective giving so they can maximize the impact of their charitable work.


The U.S. system of citizenship based taxation creates unique tax and compliance complexities for all Americans abroad. Maximizing wealth and avoiding costly mistakes requires careful, informed consideration of the complex interaction between the investor’s country of residence and the U.S. tax systems. Investment strategy is also impacted by currency, diversification and other portfolio considerations that are unique to the circumstances of American expats and cross-border families.


529 plans, UTMA custodial accounts, Coverdells (ESA) – what is the best way to save for college expense? How much will I need to save each year to make sure the money is there when they head off to college? Thun Financial integrates college savings planning for American expats with clients’ larger financial goals and strategies.


How much life insurance do I need? What is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) and should I have one? Are annuities ever a smart investment? Are non-U.S. insurance policies appropriate for U.S. taxpayers? We help clients understand how insurance products work and which ones are appropriate for each individual situation.


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