At Thun, our investment strategy is predicated on what we call the Four Pillars of Long-term Investment Success

We apply a global asset allocation investment strategy using cost and tax efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) diversified across global stock, bond and real estate markets. Each client portfolio maintains risk levels and currency exposures appropriate to the client’s unique circumstances. Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to maintain proper diversification and to take advantage of cyclical swings in relative asset valuations. Because we work with clients in more than 60 countries, we design each client portfolio to meet their unique currency exposure needs and tax and compliance considerations.

At Thun Financial, you will know exactly how we are paid for our investment advice. We take a long-term relationship perspective and serve as a fiduciary on all of your investments 100% of time, which means that we are legally committed to only providing advice that best aligns with your unique situation . We don’t offer proprietary products, and we never receive compensation from third parties for our investment advice

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