At Thun, our investment strategy is predicated on what we call the

As a result, we apply a global asset allocation investment strategy using cost and tax efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) diversified across all major asset classes including stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate. Each client portfolio maintains risk levels and currency exposures appropriate to the client’s unique circumstances. Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to maintain proper diversification and to take advantage of cyclical swings in relative asset valuations.

Our focus on diversification and efficiency puts us at odds with the traditional investment management industry. Traditional money managers attempt to convince investors that their investment methodology will deliver better than average investment results. In reality, however, decades of academic research and the real world experience of millions of investors show that virtually all fund managers underperform market averages in the long run.

The cumulative impact of high management fees, transaction costs, and tax inefficiency creates a drag on net investment returns that even the best investment managers almost always fail to overcome. The typical result is poor long-run performance, a lack of diversification and a one-size-fits-all collection of investments that takes no account of the client’s specific currency and risk exposure needs.

For more information on Thun’s approach to Long-term Investment Success, read the Thun Financial Research Article on Tracking the Benefit of Diversification through the Lost Decade: 2000-2009


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