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Below is a sitemap of all of the wp-content available for investors on the Thun Financial website provided for your convenience. If you are looking for something specific feel free to contact us.


Information about Thun Financial Advisor’s Services

Research Articles for Americans Abroad

Webinars for Americans Abroad

Thun Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor regulated in the United States.  We are “fee-only” which means we accept no commissions or fees for the sale of any investment products. We never charge commissions, take incentive payments from fund companies or sell “products.”  This transparent structure helps ensure that our advice is objective and that our only incentive is to advance the client’s interest.

Thun Financial delivers all of its services with special attention to the unique legal, tax and personal issues confronting Americans abroad.  Matters we commonly advise on include currency exposure management, tax and planning implications of non-US citizen spouses, investing in foreign mutual funds, and self-employment tax and investment issues, to name just a few.

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