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Thun Financial Advisors is a Creative Planning team of cross-border specialist wealth managers and financial planners that work with American citizens abroad and international families in more than 65 countries. Creative Planning is a nationally recognized independent wealth management firm in America, with approximately $100 billion in assets as of November 2021.


Key Estate Planning Concepts and Issues for U.S. Expats & Cross-Border Families
10.28.2021 by David Kuenzi, CFP® and Roger Healy, CFP®

David Kuenzi, CFP® and Roger Healy, CFP® of Thun Financial a Division of Creative Planning present on the complex issues regarding estate planning when Americans and mixed nationality families own assets across borders. This webinar will help Americans abroad understand these complexities from a financial planning perspective by covering:

  • Update on Proposed U.S. Estate Tax Changes
  • International Probate Issues
  • U.S. and Foreign Gift, Estate and Inheritance Tax Issues
  • Tax Treaties and Foreign Tax Credits
  • Gifts/Inheritances from Foreigners
  • Mixed Nationality Family Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning Strategies, Tools and Their Portability
  • Cross-Border Portfolio Optimization

IRAs and Roth IRAs for Americans Abroad Webinar
09.14.2021 by Kathleen Kaffer, JD and Jake Mongler, CFP®

In this webinar, Thun Financial, a Division of Creative Planning, will discuss IRAs, Roth IRAs and address when the Roth conversion might make sense for American investors (especially in light of recent changes to the U.S. tax code) and the tax and financial planning considerations of such a conversion.

Topics will include but not limited to:

  • Differences Between the Roth and the Traditional IRAs
  • Eligibility and Contribution Decisions for U.S. Expats
  • The Mechanics and Tax Reporting of Roth Conversion
  • Special Considerations for Americans Abroad

Currency Management for Americans Abroad Webinar
08.17.2021 by David Kuenzi, CFP®

In this webinar, Thun Financial, a Division of Creative Planning, lays out a framework for Americans abroad to invest effectively while at the same time mitigating the risk that volatile exchange rates will upend long-term financial goals.

In the context of currency risk and investing, topics covered include:

  • Exchange Rate Volatility
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Inflation / Deflation
  • Matching Currency of Income and Expenses
  • Tax Reporting
  • Financial Planning

The Account Closure Crisis for Americans Abroad
07.08.2021 by David Kuenzi, CFP® and Peter Sengelmann, CFA®

Americans abroad are being informed by U.S. banks and brokerage firms with increasing frequency that their accounts have been restricted or even closed due to their status as non-U.S. residents. This webinar suggest strategies to overcome this limitation and tips on successful expat investing and financial planning.

Topics Covered Include:

  • New brokerage account restrictions for American expats
  • Restrictions on U.S. mutual funds
  • EU restrictions on U.S. mutual funds and ETFs
  • Announcement by Wells Fargo of closure of all non-US resident accounts (our article)
  • Compliance and regulation of cross-border account holders
  • Ways to avoid or limit account closure and restriction issues for U.S. investors abroad
  • Successful expat investing

Wells Fargo Closes Accounts for Americans Abroad –Creative Planning Can Provide an Alternative

Wells Fargo has recently announced that it is closing accounts for all non-U.S. residents, including the accounts of their many American expat clients. Read more here.


Whether advising Americans abroad or expats in the United States, we provide an integrated service that encompasses:


Estate Planning


Risk Management

American Expat Investment Guide

Download American Expat Investment Guide

This report identifies key issues that confront almost all expatriate Americans when it comes to investing and managing their finances.

Topics addressed include:

  • Where to maintain banking and investment accounts
  • Currency exposure and global investing
  • Implications of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
  • Portfolio construction
  • Retirement planning
  • Cross-border families
  • Finding the right investment advice

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