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About Thun Financial & Creative Planning

Thun Financial Advisors was founded in 2008 with a mission to integrate U.S.-based investing and financial planning services for Americans abroad. In 2020 Thun Financial Advisors was acquired by Creative Planning with a goal to expand its reach to cross-border families in the U.S. and to non-U.S. citizens residing outside the United States. Thun Financial now operates as the international wealth management group within Creative Planning and continues to grow its international clientele through its focus on cross-border planning.

Saving enough for college and other educational needs is one of the biggest financial planning concerns families have. During this live webinar, Kathleen Kaffer, JD and Jake Mongler, MBA of Thun Financial, a division of Creative Planning, will discuss your options and the unique considerations that Americans abroad need to be aware of. Oftentimes, the common choice of a 529 plan can be counter-productive for expats. Please join us to ensure you understand the best solution for your family.
American Expat College Savings and 529 Plans:

  • Saving for College Overview
  • 529 Educational Savings Plans
  • Unique Circumstances for American Expats
  • College Savings as Part of Financial Planning

Key Estate Planning Concepts and Issues for U.S. Expats & Cross-Border Families Webinar
03.09.2021 by Roger Healy, CFP®

Roger Healy, CFP® , MBA of Thun Financial, a division of Creative Planning, will present on estate planning for U.S. expatriates and multi-national families in a cross-border world. Focused on Americans abroad we will review the following complex issues:
  • Estate Planning Goals
  • Multi-National Estate Planning
  • Probate, Trusts, Foundations, & Other Devices
  • Transfer (Estate, Inheritance and Gift) Taxes
  • Tax Treaties and Credits
  • Multi-National Investment Management

The PFIC Problem and U.S. Expat Investment Management (Passive Foreign Investment Company)
02.18.2021 by David Kuenzi, CFP® and Roger Healy, CFP®

Roger Healy, CFP® , MBA of Thun Financial, a division of Creative Planning, will present a detailed explanation of the Passive Foreign Investment Company regime and how it specifically impacts U.S. Expats.
Roger will explain:

  • How to recognize a PFIC and where you may already own them
  • The three very different ways income from a PFIC can be taxed
    • Qualified Electing Funds
    • Mark-To-Market
    • §1291 (Default) Treatment
  • How you must report PFICs on your U.S. tax return
  • Next steps, options, and caveats

Five Key Cross-Border Wealth Management Questions to Answer Before Moving Abroad

Thun Financial's newest article by Jake Mongler covers some basic financial questions everyone should answer before moving overseas:

  • Will your investment strategy still work? Will your current advisor still be able to help?
  • Will your current estate plan create more problems than it solves?
  • And more…

Expat Roth Conversions Q&A

Thun Financial's article by Jake Mongler discussing Roth conversions as a tax-reduction strategy for U.S. expats:

  • The advantages and drawbacks of Roth conversions
  • For which countries a Roth conversion makes financial sense
  • What’s the right timing for a Roth conversion

Inheriting from the U.S. While Living Abroad: Gift or Gotcha?

Thun Financial's article by Nancy J. Metzger for U.S. citizens receiving an inheritance while living abroad highlights key issues including:

  • Estate tax treaty, domicile and residence implications
  • How factors of local law, asset location, and relation to the deceased affect inheritance tax
  • Strategies to mitigate taxation and avoid surprises