Currency Risk Management and Investment Portfolio Planning for American Expats Webinar

The following investing webinar outlines several key points related to currency risk and offers a practical guide on how and where American expat investors can go to construct a globally diversified, multi-currency investment portfolio. Currency issues are often one of the most vexing and least well understood issues for investors around the world. This is especially true for Americans living abroad whose salaries and other income sources are often denominated in currencies other than U.S. Dollars (USD).

Managing currency risk is a key component of long-term investment planning, especially for expats. It is essential to mitigate currency risk by matching assets with liabilities. For cost and compliance efficiency, Americans can and should build multi-currency portfolios through U.S. investment accounts. The article, Managing Currency Risk: As an American Abroad, In What Currency Should I Save and Invest?, has more detailed information. Feel free to contact Thun Financial with any questions related to currency risk or other financial issues facing Americans living abroad.

American Expat Currency Risk Management Topics

  • Currency Management as a Part of Integrated Investment Management and Financial Planning
  • Matching Currency Denomination of Assets and Liabilities
  • Why U.S. Financial Institutions are the Best Place to Build Multi-Currency Portfolios
  • On-Shore vs. Off-Shore: Costs and Investment Access Liquidity
  • Building a Diversified Portfolio of International Stocks from the United States
  • Strategies for Global Vagabonds and Multinational Families
  • Effects on FATCA on American Investors
Please see the Americans Living Abroad page for more information about the investment management and financial planning services that Thun provides for American expatriates.

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