Thun Financial Advisors, LLC is a U.S.-based SEC Registered Investment Advisor.   Thun clients reside around the globe and throughout the U.S.  Our advisors, like our clients, hale from many different countries and have all lived much of their adult lives outside of the U.S.  Each advisor has deep expertise in cross-border investing, planning, tax and compliance.  We understand how to build wealth for our clients and we understand their world because we have all lived it ourselves.

Advisory Team

Terri Van den Einde
Director of Operations


Peter Sengelmann, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

R. Stanton Farmer, CFP®
Chief Compliance Officer

Francisco Aguilar
Financial Advisor


Syl Michelin, CFA
Financial Advisor

Nancy J. Metzger
Financial Advisor

Charles D. Saunders

Charles D. Saunders, CFA
Financial Advisor


Jake Mongler
Financial Advisor

Nikita Mayorov

Nikita Mayorov
Accounting and Marketing


Lauren Lenz
Finance, Marketing, and Database Manager

Natalie Sill

Natalie Sill