About Thun Financial & Creative Planning

Thun Financial Advisors is a Creative Planning team of cross-border specialist wealth managers and financial planners that work with American citizens abroad and international families in more than 65 countries. Creative Planning is a nationally recognized independent wealth management firm in America, with over $90 billion in assets as of June 30, 2021.

Thun clients reside around the globe and throughout the U.S. Our advisors, like our clients, hail from many different countries. Most have lived much of their adult lives outside of the U.S. Each advisor has deep expertise in cross-border investing, planning, tax, and compliance. We understand how to build wealth for our clients’, and we understand their world because we have all lived it ourselves.

David Kuenzi

David Kuenzi, CFP®
Director of International Wealth Management

Peter Sengelmann

Peter Sengelmann, MBA, CFA®
Director of International Investments and International Wealth Manager

Kathleen Kaffer

Kathleen Kaffer, JD
International Wealth Manager

Nancy Metzger

Nancy Metzger, JD, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Francisco Aguilar

Francisco Aguilar-Puyol, MS, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Roger Healy

Roger Healy, MBA, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Jake Mongler

Jake Mongler, MBA, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Andy Medina, MS, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Phillip Pizzuti, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Patrick Betley
International Wealth Manager

Phil Ricasata

Phil Ricasata, CFP®
International Wealth Manager

Sandeep Brion

Sandeep Brion, MBA
International Wealth Manager

Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas, CFP®
International Emerging Wealth Manager

Grace Trewartha

Grace Trewartha, MBA
Financial Planner

Elliot Bramham

Elliot Bramham, MS
Financial Planner

Grace Trewartha

Uka Purev-Ochir
Financial Planner

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